Friday, 21 June 2013

Gold and Silver are Falling...When Should I Sell? Will They fall Further

Simply put, our advice is only ever sell when you need to or when the cost of not selling (ie to cover an important bill, debt, etc) outweighs the cost of selling. In other words think about selling logically at all times ....

A question we have been asked a lot  over the past couple of days, since the relatively small adjustment in the value of gold and silver (c 4% in gold) is will it fall further.

We don't know. We think it will fall further gently over the next few weeks in fits and starts, so if you do need to fund a summer holiday etc then now may be better than later...BUT it may just start rising, we are not market analysts and we can't give you advice, because we really do not know. Sorry. 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Talk To Us- We're Here!

You want to talk to us about your gold and silver We endeavour to answer that phone straight away, but sometimes we are just too knee deep in customers . Leaving messages is one solution, but its better just to redial a few times, especially if your call is important  . One customer waited  3 days after our quote confirmation  and then phoned us after-hours. on a Friday night.  We spent the whole weekend upset that we couldn't sort the issue immediately for her!. She was phoned Monday AM and paid straight away . Don't fester Just Talk to us! We care enough to want to be the best

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Gold & Silver Drop 20/02/2013

Bit out of our hands this one I'm afraid.  Close to a 3% drop in gold and silver today, partly due to the strength of the dollar, and partly due to a lot of gold selling ...Possibly a rough time coming?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gold Price Scam

We've noticed a rash of gold buyers up and down the country, in Glasgow, London, manchester, stating that they  Provide The Best Prices Available To All Who Want To Sell Gold in Glasgow (or Leeds or London) and Across The UK.

Check their prices carefully. many of these companies are  offering  up to £1.50 a gram LESS for your gold than the Birmingham Gold Company and yet they advertise they provide "The best..."  Avoid scammy sites, especially those that are not VAT registered . 

We know of one Gold Buyer in particular that has spent the last few years spamming sites,  using false aliases and false reviews. he has now set up , we believe in London and Glasgow as well as in Manchester and Edinburgh Beware 

NB Another trick of theirs is to offer to remove stones from your gold and silvr items, tell you they are worthless and then go on to sell your diamonds! We will always tell you if your stones are diamonds and return them to you. Several of our customers who dealt with him in the past are looking for this spammy scammer

Monday, 11 February 2013

Know Your Gold Buyer

You want to sell your gold and silver for the best price so lets be frank here. There are a lot of gold buyers out there but they fall into certain categories. Before you sell any Gold its best to know  who you are selling to. This week, the slippery scammer and next week "the Refinery"!

The Slippery Scammer
This very often obnoxious character appears all over the Internet, spamming sites, falsifying addresses, hiring serviced offices and posting fake reviews to give the impression  that they are of substance. They don't pay tax, nor VAT, they don't care if they rip you off (If they cared about anything they'd be very wary of crossing the VAT man). You can identify this ever flourishing slippery gold buyer in several ways.
1/ You always have to leave a message when you phone and the message is generic/robotic  . 
2/ They have no VAT number on their website 
3/ They make appointments with you at serviced offices up and down the UK
4/ They make out they are so honest (wolf in sheeps clothing)
5/ Their website is badly written, bad spelling punctuation & grammar. Its often plagiarised.
6/ They have silly website names like sellgoldsilverin..(place name) 

Beware these are slippery often cowardly operators, who would think nothing of undervaluing your gold . As the Americans say DYODD
Do Your Own Due Diligence when you want to sell gold 

The Birmingham Gold Company is VAT registered. We have a premises in the heart of Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter and our reviews are on our site